About Us

Infinity Financial Engineering is co-creation in action! It is the coming together of two minds. Two minds that share a common purpose. And that common purpose is to use the talents of the founders to help build a better Trinidad and Tobago. Infinity Financial Engineering deliberately has neither a mission statement nor a vision statement. We simply have a purpose – it is the reason we exist.

Infinity Financial Engineering represents the blending of two disciplines – economic and finance. In fact, Infinity Financial Engineering is the only advisory firm of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago. Co-creation provides Infinity Financial Engineering with the competitive advantage to help business leaders and policymakers reach the calmer blue ocean, steering them away from an increasingly uncertain and red ocean.

As we carry out our client engagement, we will strive to uphold the principles of independent thought, prudent judgment and integrity. We believe that these golden standards of conduct must be adhered to, if the general public is to regain trust and confidence in practitioners in the financial markets.

Who we are

We have no Mission or Vision. We have a Purpose.
To improve the quality of life in Trinidad & Tobago